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This website is designed to assist you in getting the maximum benefit from using your SendOutCards (SOC) account. Here's what you'll find when you click on the links at the top of this page...

System Training: recorded webinars and printable instructions for using the features built into your SendOutCards account.

Business-Building Resources: Links to free webinars, books and business tools to help you grow whatever business you want to build.

Creative Tools: Links to free resources that will help you create memorable customized cards that will never get tossed.

Get the best prices on your cards and gifts by setting up a subscription for automatic monthly point deposits into your account. The points are good for a full year from the date of purchase and there are no contracts with your subscription, so you can stop it at any time. Without a subscription you will pay more for your cards and gifts. Click here to review your account options.

Include a gift or a gift card when you send someone a greeting card, or create a customized photo gift in our SOC Photo Store (login with your user name and password).

If you want to save even more... when you become a distributor, you'll receive a 20% discount over the best customer prices, as well as earning commissions on all cards and gifts sent by you and others you help get started with a SendOutCards account. This is a great option for you to consider if you are sending high volume of cards or gifts throughout the year, wanting to self-fund the cost of your own cards and gifts, or if you are looking for an additional stream of income.


SAVE MONEY! If you aren't sure which account option is best for you after reading the message to the left, let's talk! Regardless of which option you choose, our cards cost less than store-bought cards and you can send them from the comfort of your home or office!

SAVE TIME! Your cards will be printed, stuffed, addressed, stamped and mailed for you the next day. No more traffic and lines to select and mail your cards and gifts! Check out our gift selection here.

Stay in touch regularly with important people throughout the year by using our powerful Campaign feature, which enables you to create a template for a card you want to send to more than one person. Then you can send one card or multiple cards to individuals or groups with a single mouse click. Once you instruct the system what to send and who to send to, your cards will be automatically sent for you throughout the year.

MAKE IT PERSONAL! Our PicturePlus feature enables you to create cards using your own photos. You can also create your customized font and signatures. Download the font/signature form here.

CELEBRATE OTHERS! Be known as someone who cares and never forgets a birthday! Add the birthday month and date to each contact record and you'll receive birthday reminders. If you prefer, you can automate birthday card-sending using our Campaign feature so the cards are mailed for you throughout the year.


If you are not creative, tap into the talents of others who have made some amazing creative cards. SendOutCards has its own social media platform called Sendcere.  This enables SOC customers to access more than 100,000 cards (and growing daily) that have been created and shared by others using our system. 

If you are creative and like to share, this is also the place for you! Creative people from every profession are using SOC to build relationships, express appreciation, and stay top-of-mind. They've shared some wonderful and very creative cards on Sendcere.

When you create a card that you share on Sendcere, be sure that the graphics are not copyrighted or owned by someone else. By posting a card on this site, you are giving permission for others to send the card and use the graphics.

Collect your favorite Sendcere cards by whatever categories you'd like to save them in. You can also click on the envelope icon under each card to send the card to someone. When you are logged into Sendcere with your SOC user name and password, this will log you into your own account, where you can make whatever edits you desire before you send the card to the recipient.

If you are looking for a specific kind of card, select All Cards at the top, then enter in a search term on the left. For example, if you type "horse" in the search box, it will find cards that others have created with photos of horses.

Set up your free Sendcere account with your SOC user name and password today, and begin sharing your own creative cards, or start collecting and sending cards that others have created.

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